Jay LigdaResume' 
Owner/Director Website Developing Business
Synergetic Web Creations 1997 - Present
Online Wellness Network  2006 - Present

100 Dartmouth Place
Benicia, CA 94510 
(415) 312-0265 
E-mail: jligda@steadyserve.net 


  • To contribute to client’s growth while continuing to build Synergetic Web Creations & SteadyServe.Net with greater diversity, offering a wider variety of platforms and services including Flash technology and database solutions. I’m commited to the growth of small business on the Web.
  • To provide people of the healing arts with web technologies through Online Wellness Network and SteadyServe.Net to ad value to their practice in the helaing arts.


  • Draftsperson, Self employed

    • Preparing blueprints for contractors and homeowners to obtain building permits for residential construction. 

    Painting & Carpentry, Self employed

    • Interior and exterior residential painting and deck construction. 

    Counselor, Victor Residential Center

    • Supervising & care of six severely emotional disturbed children in a home setting. 

    Computer Operator, Viking Freight Systems. 

    • Maintaining a large computer system; running jobs that concerned payroll, billing, etc.  Charged with making sure all jobs executed properly and the computer system maintained a good running order. 


  • Humboldt State University 
    • B.S. degree in Industrial Technology. 
      • Relevant coursework includes: Marketing, Business Law, Principles of Management, Small Group Communication, Principles of Economics, Business Statistics, Technical Writing, Industrial Graphics, Engineering Design Graphics, Value Analysis and Quality Control, Graphic Science, Analytic Geometry. 

    John F. Kennedy University 

    • M.A. degree in Holistic Health Education. 
      • Relevant coursework includes: Effective Communication A & B, Physiology and Psychology of Stress. 

    John F. Kennedy University 

    • Certificate in Organizational Leadership. 
      • Relevant coursework includes: Visionary Leadership, Principles of Consulting, Emerging Models of Business, Team Building & Communication, Personal Power & Leadership, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management of Change, Marketing Management. 

    Ziff Davis University 

    • Continuing education in the field of computer studies. 
      • Relevant coursework includes: Intro to SQL, Create Web Graphics with Paint Shop Pro, Optimizing Web Site Performance, Intro to Web Style Sheets, HTML Workshop: Tables & Frames, Web Site Design, CGI for Nonprogrammers, JavaScript, Dynamic HTML with Internet Explorer 4 


  • Toastmasters: Speaking and leadership. 
    • Volunteer work: Club officer, Sargent at Arms and Vice President of Education. 

    SYDA Foundation: Meditation and spiritual fulfillment. 

    • Volunteer work: audio mixing for large gatherings, audio training, live Internet audio broadcasts, and cooking for large numbers. 

    East Bay Nation of Men: Men's support, network, and community service. 

    • Volunteer work: event production, Microsoft Access database creation and maintenance, web-site design, and information keeping. 

    The Next Generation Swing Dance Club: West Coast swing dancing in the S. F. Bay Area. 

    • Volunteer work: Microsoft Access database creation & maintenance, and web-site/database interface, board of directors. 


  • Awards 
    • Bank of America Achievement Award in the field of Computer Studies. 

      David Cass Memorial Scholarship in the field of Industrial Technology. 

      Santa Clara High Outstanding Student Award in the field of Industrial Technology. 

    Hobbies & Interests 

    • Reading, writing, photography, dancing (West Coast Swing), triathlon, open water swimming. 


  • Available on request.