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July 4th Kirby Cove Swim– 7/4/2021
GGTC at the North Face Endurance Challenge– 12/5/2009
The distances were 50 miles, 50 kilometers (31 miles), 1/2 marathong (13.1 miles), or 10k (6.2 miles). The Golden Gate Triathlon Club logged 1,300 miles between all the members that registered.
SERC Rock Crawl (aka AT&T Park to SERC)– 8/23/2009
SERC swimming from AT&T Park (Willie McCovey Statue) to SERC. Jump at 6:00 AM. Here they are climbing on the rocks to get into the water.
SERC & DC 2009 GGB Swim– 8/15/2009
Here are photos taken from the Golden Gate Bridge of the jump of the SERC & DC 2009 Golden Gate Bridge swim. There are a few before and after shots including after shots of the Sharkfest swim finishing up at Aquatic Park. If you look in the background you can see the SERC boat parked by the Golden Gate Bridge picking up finishing swimmers.
Vineman, 2009 Swim Start Photos– 7/19/2009
Here are photos of a few waves of the Vineman swim start with the telephoto lens. It was difficult to tell who was who out there so I just shot everyone. You know your swim cap color. You know where you were. If you can spot yourself please let me know which photo(s) and where about you are (jligda@ebnom.org).
GGTC & Others at Vineman, 2009– 7/19/2009
GGTC and TMF at EFA– 6/14/2009
Here is Golden Gate Triathlon Club and Tri More Fitness at the 2009 Escape From Alcatraz triathlon.

Photos were taken; at Pier 3 loading on the boat, from Muni Pier with telephoto of the race start, swim exit, bike return on Del Mar, Baker Beach near the turn around and back at the expo.
Water World Swim at EFA– 6/14/2009
Here are photos of a few Water World Swim folks at the 2009 Escape from Alcatraz triathlon. While I was out on Muni Pier to shoot the start guess who swam by at the opening?
TAG’s First AP Swim (HIT and GGTC too)– 4/4/2009
Water World Swim First Thursday– 3/26/2009
Alcatraz to Aquatic Park with Water World Swim– 2/21/2009
I did not swim today so came out to take photos instead. Great different perspective of the crossing.
Water world Swim New Years Day Swim 2009– 1/1/2009
A small group of Water World Swim swimmers braving the cold waters at Aquatic Park on New Year’s day.
GGTC New Year’s Day Swim, 2009– 1/1/2009
The group of GGTC swimmers braving the cold waters at Aquatic Park on New Year’s day.
Julia’s Team Field Hockey– 11/2/2008
Sentinel, 2008– 9/22/2008
Photos of GGTC & TMF at Sentinel. Using my friend’s 80 x 400 zoom telephoto. I had a few issues with focus on some of these. Sorry!

I could have got great swimming shots from the wharf, but I could not tell who was GGTC. Next time we’ll have to get a decal for the top of our swim caps ;-)
Big Kahuna 2008 GGTC– 9/7/2008
GGTC at Big Khuna, 2008. I borrowed a friend’s 80x400 telephoto zoom lens for close up shots. It took a little getting used to. I learned a bit.
Water World Swim at Big Kahuna, 2008– 9/7/2008
GGTC & TMF at the 2008 Escape from Alcatraz– 6/9/2008
If you were wearing GGTC or Tri More Fitness jerseys I may have taken your photo. Sorry for the blurry ones. I was not using auto-focus to save time in snapping action shots. The close ups turned out well. Another lesson learned.
Kid’s Chalk Art Project, The Art– 6/7/2008
This is gallery one of two of the Kid Chalk Art Drawing Project in Alameda, the world’s largest chalk art drawing. The drawing was 90,000 square feet, an outline of a salamander. The kids came in from schools all over Alameda and colored in the body of the salamander with their own art. These photos are of some of the art that made up the body.
Kid’s Chalk Art Project, The Event– 6/7/2008
This is gallery two of two of the Kid Chalk Art Drawing Project in Alameda, the world’s largest chalk art drawing. These are photos of the event, people & things.
2008 Ice Breaker Triathlon– 4/13/2008
GGTC, TAG & Tri More Fitness at the Ice Breaker Triathlon 2008.
TAG 2 TI 2007 First Open Water Swim– 10/6/2007
Here is TAG 2 TI doing their first open water swim off of Treasure Island.
Alcatraz Challenge 2007– 8/5/2007
Alcatraz Challenge Aquathlon
Pedro, Steve, Gary Alcatraz 500– 6/11/2007
My philosophy in photographing events like this, where there are many other cameras, is to look the other direction and see what is going on with the people watching the event. It is just as fun for me to get photos of the photographer taking photos of you as it is to take photos of the event. Oh yes, there are plenty of photos of Pedro, Gary & Steve too.
2007 Escape From Alcatraz– 6/3/2007
If you were wearing a GGTC uniform for the 2007 Escape From Alcatraz, I may have your photo here. Bummer my battery died before the day ended. There are a few good ones.
Wildflower 2007 Long Course– 5/6/2007
Here are photos of GGTC jerseys at the 2007 Wildflower long course as well as general triathlon photos. Photos are mainly taken on the bike loop in various locations and at the point where the bike and run course comes together.
TAG 2Wild Flower at Ice Breaker– 4/15/2007
Here is GGTC’s TAG to Wildflower 2007 at the Ice Breaker practice triathlon. There are some other GGTC and Tri More Fitness photos as well.
GGTC, TMF & Zoom at Treasure Island 2006– 11/4/2006
If you were racing at Treasure Island, were wearing a GGTC, Tri More Fitness or Zoom Multi Sports jersey, or if I knew and recognized you, I probably took your picture. Some of them even turned out pretty good. You are welcome to download the low resolution image for your use. If you would like me to send you a print or high resolution file, please add the image to the shopping cart.
Treasure Island Pros– 11/4/2006
If you are into the pros, here are some photos or the pros at Treasure Island International Triathlon 2006. I was shooting for some scenery shots with the pros. I was using the continuous shutter as opposed to a flash on these. The sun would have been helpful. This is a good first try.
Rope Jumpers– 10/22/2006
Here is a series of four rope jumps with the continuous shutter release. The first set had a slower shutter speed, thus blurry. The last series I had the polarizer on, thus darkening an already dark environment. I needed the ISO set to 1,600.
TAG at Golden State– 10/15/2006
Here is TAG at the practice triathlon getting ready for Treasure Island, 2006.

If any of these are of you, you are welcome to download them. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image. Click on that larger image for a higher resolution image. Download it for a file that would be good enough for a 4x6 print. If you would like a larger (6.1 mega pixel) image email me at jligda@ebnom.org and let me know which image you would like. I will email it to you. They are about 2MB in file size.



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