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New York City Traffic Lights– 8/1/2012
My first photo that I took in NYC had a traffic light in it. I just made it a part of the shot. Then it dawned on me, New York City is full of traffic lights that get in shots, so why not just make them the subject of the shots and let the sights fall into the background. That is what brought life to this gallery.
Sausalito to San Francisco– 3/1/2012
Photos taken while traveling from Sausalito to San Francisco on the ferry then walking and BARTing home.
Golden Gate Bridge– 2/2/2012
I stopped while riding across the bridge to snap a few photos with my cell phone camera.
2011 Favorites– 12/31/2011
Some of my favorite shots of 2011
Mount Madonna Center– 8/1/2009
Photos taken at the Mount Madonna Center. I’m using the bracketing function on the camera getting 3 shots with different exposures. I choose the on the has the most details. Some of them look a little dark, but I can always lighten them up a bit later.
More Swim Pics– 3/25/2009
Some more photos taken while photographing swimmers.
Swim Pics– 2/21/2009
Some photos taken while photographing swimmers.
Monterey– 1/18/2009
A few hours to kill wandering in around Monterey with a camera in hand.
Oregon Countryside– 10/23/2008
Photos around the Oregon countryside. Nothing too spectacular here. I like some a few of the trees.
Sunrise in SF– 10/13/2008
I got up early to take photos of my friend sailing under the Golden Gate as he began his sailing journey to Mexico. He was not there, but I got these nice sunrise photos and photos of Angel Island on fire. The hawk was from a few weeks earlier.
Blue Angels– 10/10/2008
The Blue Angels warm up for Fleet Week. Taken with 80-400 telephoto zoom, shutter speed set at 1/1000, variable apature. ISO 320. Infinate focus (no auto focus).
Chihuly Exhibit– 9/29/2008
Much of the visual beauty we experience is due to the fact that we see in three dimensions. This we snap a photo of it and much of that beauty disappears. That is because a photo does not capture the same three dimensional effects of the eyes.

Knowing this can become an advantage when I realize that what I’m doing is not trying to capture that three dimensional beauty, but rather using that three dimensional beauty to try to create a two dimensional beauty.

The Chihuly exhibit intrigued me for that reason. So I set out to use the vibrant colors and three dimensional shapes to “paint” the flat surface of my photos.

There really was not enough light in the exhibit for many of these photos. I had the camera setting as fully open and sensitive to light as I could without the need for a tripod, but I hope you get the idea.

I consider this a practice round, but alas, I will not get back for the final round. These will have to do. I hope you enjoy.
Giants vs. Az– 9/8/2008
These were taken from row 7 of section 228 with an 80x400 telephoto zoom lens. I snapped the shutter about 800 times using the continuous shutter often. These are the best and they are not that great. There is still a lot to learn about using a lens linke that. One issue is focus. The other is getting enough light into it.
Giants Dugout Club Seats for Birthday– 8/5/2008
These were taken from the Dugout Club seats, Giant’s vs Braves. They lost the game, but what fun seats.
Krista’s Flowers– 7/11/2008
Here are a few flower images from my brother’s garden for your enjoyment.
Tahoe 2006– 11/23/2006
Treasure Island Triathlon General– 11/4/2006
These are general photographs taken at the Treasure Island International Triathlon 2006. These are the photos that I took that did not have a recognizable person or that was framed well with a recognizable person. I was without sun for most of the day. I experimented with some camera angles and I think are a good start for further experimenting.
2006 Golden State Triathlon– 10/15/2006
Here are photos I took at the 2006 Golden State triathlon. The sun was not out. Good for the athletes, but not necessarily for photo shooting. I got to experiment a little with the ISO settings and the flash. Unfortunately it takes about 8 seconds to recharge the flash so no continuous shots with the flash. I have to choose one or the other. Most of the swimming shots were continuous. I threw out the worse ones and kept these.
Around the Marina & Fisherman’s Warf– 10/9/2006
Today I went out with my new camera. My destination was the San Francisco water front.

On the way I saw one of our neighborhood hawks sore into a tree. I knew the chances f=of getting a good photo of it were slim, but I gave it a shot anyway.

My focus is on the beauty in things that we pass by every day. I was also experimenting with exposure settings, over and under exposing some shots to see what looked the best.

About 1/2 way through my day I stopped in a camera store and bought a polarizer.

I snapped about 300 photos and kept these 62. Let me know if you think any of them are any good. Without the digital technology this would have cost me about $250 in film and developing fees.
City Shots– 9/1/2006
Every day the light changes
The clouds dance
In different shape and form
The view is never Twice the same

Photos taken of San Francisco from the view of 77 Miguel Street over the years.
Maui– 9/1/2004



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